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KT Real Estate Financing

A home of your own? Financed on solid foundations.

Perfect conditions.

The KT Bank’s real estate financing concept stands on solid grounds – the basic principles of Islamic finance. This is why the financing arrangements are rather different from other banks’ procedures:
Following a positive creditworthiness check and a valuation of the property you want, together with you we set up a civil-law partnership (GbR). This constitutes a partnership in the true sense of the word, and we avoid having to pay land transfer tax twice. After that, the GbR buys the property you want, with both you and us receiving shares in the GbR that correspond to the capital contribution concerned. Then you buy the bank’s shares in the GbR, and pay off the purchase price conveniently over the agreed term. This procedure is by no means more complicated or takes longer than a „conventional“ real estate financing. The bottom line is that this means one additional signature – for a financing package that is true to your ethical convictions throughout.

Profound counselling.

At the KT Bank AG, we want to make you feel at home – in your own home at last. For this purpose, the KT Bank also offers comprehensively competent consultancy, laying the foundations for a soundly based decision that suits your financial means. Fast loan approval ensures that your dream of possessing your own property will soon be translated into bricks-and-mortar reality.
Our single-period real estate financing package runs for up to 20 years and features a fixed monthly instalment. It is called a “single-period” option because the bank sells its share in the property concerned as a single transaction to the buyer.
We will be delighted to assist you in acquiring your dream property. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.
Service Phone:069 – 255 10 200Mon-Fri 8 am – 6 pm