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Planning To Own A Home in Turkey?
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At the Islamic Retail Banking Awards (IRBA) KT Bank was awarded “Best Emerging Islamic Retail Bank in Europe” and “Most Innovative Islamic Retail Bank in Europe” as well as honored with the „IRBA Excellence Award“.


If you like, we will be pleased to explain the advantages of our products and services in a personal conversation. Visit us at our branches in Frankfurt, Mannheim, Berlin, Cologne and Munich.

You don’t have much in common with your bank? Now you share the same values.

Welcome to the KT Bank AG. As Germany’s first Islamic bank, we prioritise unequivocal values over a narrow focus on profits. Our thinking and our actions are governed across the board by this mindset. And so is our multifaceted product portfolio for retail and corporate customers. We provide you with products and services according to Islamic banking principles at our branches in Frankfurt, Mannheim, Berlin and Cologne. Our comprehensive, regularly updated portfolio includes a wide range of Islamic financing and investment products and services, including current and participation accounts, real estate financing, remittances to Turkey, instalment loans, instalment commercial finance and enterprise finance.

Firm convictions, persuasive advantages

All our products and services are Islam-compliant and interest-free. This means: they are governed by the principles of our faith. At the same time, they meet generally accepted ethical norms, which renders our services an attractive option for all value-aware people. KT Bank AG’s mission is to become the leading socially responsible and first choice house bank for clients of all religions and nationalities. The bank is attracting the Muslim community and millions of clients interested in ethical banking in Germany alone.

Islamic banking – a win-win situation of profits and ethical norms

Islamic banking implies interest-free, asset-backed banking on the basis of profit sharing with clients. High-risk trades are prohibited, as well as investing in businesses that provide goods or services considered contrary to Islamic principles, like those involving alcohol, pork, gambling, arms, and tobacco, among others.
Islamic banking is a category of the „Socially responsible investing“ (SRI) sector. KT Bank AG stands for sustainable and socially conscious banking according to universal ethical norms.
This is what Islamic banking means:
  • Proactive responsibility
  • Maximised transparency
  • No interest-bearing moneylending
  • No highly speculative transactions
  • Investing only in Islam-compliant lines of business
Compliance with these rules is assured by an Ethics Council – plus persuasive products resulting from firm convictions.

A bridge between the Orient and Occident

The KT Bank AG has been founded as a bank under German law. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Turkish Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank headquartered in Istanbul. Kuveyt Türk‘s main share holder is the Kuwait Finance House (KFH), one of the foremost Islamic financial institutions on the globe. Due to this background, the KT Bank has excellent links with Turkey and the MENA region and thus creates opportunities for economic exchange and new investments.

Successful partnerships

Whether you are a private investor or want to establish solid foundations for your business enterprise – we look forward to a real partnership with you true to our motto: Islamic. Meaningful. Trading.