Your valuables are in safe hands with us

In uncertain times, you can rely on us. With the safe deposit boxes of KT Bank, your valuables are ideally stored for you. You can rent them in Frankfurt and Berlin in various sizes.

KT Remittances to Türkiye

Turkey transfers are possible up to 5000 euros in cash to accounts or persons without an account in over 420 branches of Kuveyt Türk Bank all over Turkey – even without an account at KT Bank – for only 10 euros! Just visit a KT Bank branch near you.

KT Foreign Exchange

Interested in foreign exchange transactions? With the KT Foreign Exchange Account, we offer you favourable exchange rates with which you can, for example, buy a foreign currency and sell the euro or buy the euro and sell a foreign currency. Both transactions are processed between your EUR current account and your Foreign Exchange Account at KT Bank.

KT Safe Deposit Box

Keep important and valuable items, such as jewellery, precious metals or important documents, safe. Whether during the holiday season or permanently, a safe deposit box gives you peace of mind.