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The KT Fixed-Term Deposit Account – Safe investment at top conditions

No fees or hidden costs, guaranteed profits: With the KT time deposit account, you benefit from excellent conditions with maximum security. This is because the interest rate is stable over the entire term. As a member of the Compensation Scheme of German Banks, your deposits with KT Bank are also protected by law up to €100,000. An account without risk.


It pays to save with the KT Fixed-Term Deposit Account

  • No fees or hidden costs
  • Guaranteed profits
  • Flexible terms
  • Safe investment

KT Fixed-Term Deposit Account –
All important information at a glance


The fixed-term deposit is a financial investment with guaranteed profits over the agreed term.


The higher the investment amount and investment period, the greater the return. The guaranteed return increases as the term is extended.

Deposit insurance

The invested fixed-term deposit is legally protected up to an amount of €100,000 per person.


The investment period can be selected flexibly. At the end of the term, either the investment amount including the return can be paid out or the investment can be automatically extended.

Why should you choose the KT Fixed-Term Deposit Account?

  • Guaranteed income and above-average return
  • Flexible terms between 3 and 60 months
  • Individual fixed deposit amounts from as little as €1,000
  • Statutory deposit protection for amounts up to €100,000
  • No fees or hidden costs

KT Fixed-Term Deposit Account
“When I think about banking, I want to have a good feeling.”

Make a difference with money, do good and earn something in the process: Isn’t that what you want, too? We are the responsible partner at your side. Watch Miriam’s film, let her convince you of the investment opportunities at KT Bank and make your money grow.

How does the KT Fixed-Term Deposit Account work?

Individual investment amounts and flexible terms: Our KT fixed-term deposit account is convincing across the board. To open your personal KT Fixed-Term Deposit Account and deposit your investment amount, you need a current account with KT Bank: Your KT GiroKonto Current Account. After the investment amount is received in your account, your fixed-term deposit account will be opened. At the end of the term, your investment amount and earnings can be automatically transferred back to your KT GiroKonto.

KT Fixed-Term Deposit Account Application –
Step by Step

Open fixed-term deposit account online

Click on “Open an account” and off you go.

Define investment amount + term

Specify your investment amount and define a desired term from 3 to 60 months.

Fill out application

Fill out the application form and submit it.

Legitimation via Video-Ident

Please have your ID card or passport ready for identification via Video-Ident. Video legitimation also works via smartphone or tablet.

Confirmation + account opening

We will review your application within a few days.


Sit back and harvest returns.

Would you like more information and comprehensive advice on the KT Fixed-Term Deposit Account?

Then you are also welcome to visit us in one of our branches. Our friendly staff will inform you without obligation about the advantages and conditions of the KT Fixed-Term Deposit Account. Come by – even without an appointment we are happy to serve you!

KT Fixed-Term Deposit Account – Requirements

To open a KT time deposit account, you only need to meet a few requirements:

  • You must be of legal age.
  • You have a residence in the Federal Republic of Germany.
  • You have a KT Current Account.

Extension variants – Your options

As the holder of a KT fixed-term deposit account, there are three renewal options available to you:

  • No extension of the deposit time: The deposit plus profits are paid out to the KT current account and the fixed-term deposit account is subsequently closed.
  • Automatic renewal for a specified term including yield: Profits generated up to the date of extension remain included in the investment.
  • Automatic renewal for a specified term exclusive return: Profits earned up to the date of renewal will be paid to the current account before renewal.

Fixed-Term Deposit Calculator

The purpose of fixed-term deposits is to achieve an attractive return. This depends on the following factors:

Deposit amount
Length of the term
Agreed return

The right app for your fixed-term deposit account

As with all our other account models, you also benefit from the advantages of the KT Bank App with the KT Fixed-Term Deposit Account. This lets you flexibly access account balances and the added return from anywhere using a smartphone. At the same time, you can, of course, carry out all other transactions of your KT Bank accounts on mobile.

Get in touch!

As a KT Customer, open your KT Fixed-Term Deposit Account in just a few steps and benefit from the numerous advantages. Not yet a KT Bank customer? Then open your KT Current Account first – easily online or visit one of our branches near you.

Do you have further questions or are you interested in our offer and services? Then contact your customer advisor or send us an email to service@kt–bank.de. We are happy to serve you!