KT Safe Deposit Box

Play it safe with us.

KT Safe Deposit Box

When it comes to security, do you refuse to make compromises on your valuables? Then you’ve come to the right place – because with a KT safe deposit box, you know your valuables are safe at all times.

Security for your valuables

Be it jewellery, precious metals or important documents: Keep your valuables perfectly protected – in a KT Bank safe deposit box. Whether during the holiday season or permanently: A safe deposit box gives you peace of mind.

The demand for safe deposit boxes is high, the supply limited. As a customer of KT Bank, you can exclusively rent one of the coveted safe deposit boxes at our branches in Berlin and Frankfurt.

A safe deposit box pays off

The number of house and apartment burglaries in Germany is on the rise. Thus, on average, an unauthorized invasion of privacy occurs every three minutes. Protect yourself and your valuables – with a safe deposit box from KT Bank.

Berlin branch:

Annual fee125,-150,-250,-

Frankfurt branch

Annual fee75,-150,-250,-350,-

What you should keep in a safe deposit box:

  • Jewellery, gold and other precious metals
  • Important documents such as birth certificates, identity cards, vehicle registration certificates or school reports
  • Data backups on hard disks or USB sticks
  • Personal assets such as heirlooms or letters

A KT Safe Deposit Box in just a few steps

Visit branch (existing customers even without an appointment)

Select size of the desired
safe deposit box

Have your identity card or
passport ready

Bank safe deposit boxes in different sizes

We offer you our KT safe deposit boxes in different sizes in our branches in Berlin and Frankfurt. Are you interested in a safe deposit box or do you have any questions? Then contact your KT Bank branch directly or send us an email to [email protected]. We are happy to serve you!