KT Investment Finance

In need of larger capital goods and facilitiesWe support you reliably.

Long-term protection for your business operations.

The KT Investment Finance creates the basis for larger corporate investments such as the purchase of fleets, plants, machines and other facilities. After reviewing your application, we will authorize you to purchase the desired capital goods on our behalf. Payment is made directly from us to the seller. 

You will receive a separate invoice from us. You can easily pay us back in instalments. We offer you various flexible terms and take your company’s liquidity planning into consideration.

The advantages of the KT Investment Finance:

Solid financing for larger corporate investments

Attractive conditions

Flexible terms and instalment repayment

Competent client consulting services and handling

Long-term investment in your corporate facilities.

We would be happy to inform you in our branches about the details of the KT Investment Finance. Here you can find the Islamic Compliance Certificates for the KT Investment Finance.