Attractive financing options – Sensible and value-conscious

In accordance with Islamic principles, KT Bank’s product range includes attractive financing models. Fulfil your wishes and stay financially flexible.

KT Real Estate Financing

With real estate financing from KT Bank, you will feel at home from the very beginning, because with us, your wish for your own house or condominium can soon become a reality – and at new top conditions! 

KT Consumer Financing

There are moments when your wishes exceed your financial possibilities. Good thing that KT Bank’s consumer financing exists for just these moments – Islam-compliant and tailored to your needs through individual instalment payments.

KT Car Financing

Thanks to the attractive and flexible offer of KT Car Financing, your dream of a new car will soon become reality. Because KT Bank’s Islamic-compliant vehicle financing is as simple as can be: We buy the vehicle you select directly from the dealer and resell it to you for a reasonable financing markup.