KT Foreign Exchange

Interested in rewarding and varied foreign exchange transactions?

With us, real values have different currencies!

KT Bank – Your partner for your FX transactions

Are you interested in rewarding and varied foreign exchange transactions? With the KT Foreign Exchange, you benefit from favourable exchange rates that let you get more out of your investment. Whether you want to buy a foreign currency and sell euros or buy euros and sell a foreign currency: All transactions are processed between your current account and your KT Foreign Exchange at KT Bank – and are protected by modern encryption.

Conduct business with foreign partners under secure conditions and benefit from our expertise in offering you the best exchange rates at all times.

Easy and convenient online shopping – Even internationally

By simply transferring your money at the best exchange rates, the KT Foreign Exchange lets you make your payments in foreign online stores without any complications.

Pay with the correct exchange rate!

Security and transparency of costs are the be-all and end-all with the KT Foreign Exchange. Not only do we waive an annual card fee, but at the same time, we enable you to conduct all your transactions in the online stores of foreign merchants smartly, securely and without hidden surcharges for foreign payments. You will only pay a small fee for the exchange, which will of course be shown to you in advance in each case.

Always pay in the local currency!

With the KT Foreign Exchange, you benefit from favourable exchange rates and can choose between 10 currencies. When shopping online, you can easily choose the currency of the country in which the online store is located. And if your account should ever run out of money in the respective local currency, your card will automatically exchange money from your KT Foreign Exchange – always using the most favourable option, of course. This means that generally expensive merchant exchanges (dynamic currency conversion) can be avoided.

KT Foreign Exchange –
Your benefits:

  • Without fees or surcharges
  • Gratifyingly favourable exchange rates
  • Choice from 10 currencies
  • Usable from €500
  • Free management via online or mobile banking

Available currencies

  • TRY – Turkish lira
  • USD – US Dollar
  • GBP – British Pound
  • CHF – Swiss Franc
  • SAR – Saudi Riyal
  • KWD – Kuwaiti dinar
  • AED – United Arab Emirates Dirham
  • QAR – Qatar riyal
  • JPY – Japanese Yen

Open KT Foreign Exchange – Uncomplicated and secure

Opening your KT Foreign Exchange is easy and secure:

1. Open a free KT Current Account

To benefit from the numerous advantages of a KT Foreign Exchange, a free KT Current Account is required, which you can open conveniently online via antrag.kt-bank.de or the mobile banking app.

2. Access data

After your KT Current Account has been successfully opened, you will receive your access data with which you can securely log in to online or mobile banking.

3. Create KT Foreign Exchange

Click on “Accounts” → “Open account” → “Select account type” → “Create Currency Account” in the menu. After that, you can conveniently and safely invest money.

How to get a KT Bank Currency Account

Are you already a customer of KT Bank? Then set up your KT Foreign Exchange conveniently and easily via your online or mobile banking app. Not yet a KT Bank customer? Then open your KT Current Account first – easily online or visit one of our branches near you.

Do you have further questions or are you interested in our offer and services? Then contact your customer advisor or send us an email to [email protected]. We are happy to serve you!