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Do you need a new household appliance, want to buy new furniture or are planning your next holiday? KT Bank’s Jetzz Card gives you the financial freedom you need. Once applied for, you can pay for all your purchases from as little as €10 in convenient monthly instalments – both online or in stores. Not only do you save yourself the hassle of time-consuming financing inquiries, but you also benefit from top conditions. In addition, you can also use the Jetzz Card as a “normal” credit card. You then simply pay back your purchases within one month – and without any further costs.

By the way: Your individual disposal limit can also be accessed simultaneously with a partner card.

One card for many purposes.


All your purchases over €10 are automatically financed in 1, 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 or 24 monthly instalments.


At 8.99% p.a., the Jetzz Card is cheaper than most overdraft facilities.


With the Jetzz Card from KT Bank, you benefit from a disposal limit of up to €25,000.

0% instalment financing on all Turkish Airlines flights*

Fly now, pay later: Jetzz Card, the automated instalment card, lets you conveniently pay for all Turkish Airlines flights booked online with zero percent financing in 6 monthly instalments! 

Book your ticket on www.turkishairlines.com or via the Turkish Airlines app, pay with the Jetzz Card and have the total amount financed automatically in 6 monthly instalments – at 0%.

0% installment financing for your pilgrimage journey with Hisar-Europe Travel

Experience an unforgettable pilgrimage journey with financial flexibility: With the automated installment payment card Jetzz Card, you can easily finance your Umrah journey with Hisar Europe Travel in 6 monthly installments – and that at 0%.

Book your trip with Hisar Europe Travel and pay with Jetzz Card. Benefit from the opportunity to pay for your travel costs in 6 convenient monthly installments and fulfill your religious duty without breaking your budget. Book now and experience an unforgettable pilgrimage journey with financial freedom.

The advantages of the
KT Jetzz Card:

  • Pay purchases above €10 in instalments
  • Top conditions
  • Financing possible in 3 to 24 monthly instalments
  • Disposal limit up to €25,000
  • Annual fee 0,- EUR

How the KT Jetzz Card works:

Number of monthly installments Profit share*
1 month0%
3 months1,50%
6 months2,64%
9 months3,78%
12 months4,94%
18 months7,27%
24 months9,63%


And this is how the Jetzz Card works:

  • You make your purchase – online or in stores.
  • You pay at the checkout with your Jetzz Card as usual.
  • Immediately afterwards, you will receive an SMS with the details of your card turnover and your instalment payment.

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You can conveniently apply for the Jetzz Card online via smartphone or from your computer in just a few minutes.

Apply for Jetzz Card free of charge

Are you already a customer of KT Bank?
Then simply apply for the KT Jetzz Card via your online or mobile banking.

Click here for the Jetzz Card Islamic law assessment.

*Equals an annual finance charge of 8.99% and an effective annual finance charge of 9.37%.
*The 0% financing offer is valid for all Turkish Airlines flights when booked on www.turkishairlines.com or via the Turkish Airlines App. Valid also for flights in subsequent years, provided the booking is made through the website or app.