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Ethics Council

The adherence to the principles of Islamic banking is the basis of our operation. This is been supervised by the Ethics Council that adheres to the internationally acknowledged AAOIFI-Standards (Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions) standards.
The members of the Ethics Council are experienced Islamic scholars who have the necessary expertise of religious matters in banking.

The Ethics Council is mainly involved in:

  • product development
  • advising and supervising the management
  • training employees
  • auditing departments on Islam-compliant implementation of processes
  • clarifying issues and cases that still lack a recognized standard

Ethics Council Members:

Dr. Anwar Shuaib Abdulsalam
Doctor of Islamic Law
Al-Azhar University, Cairo
Professor for Islamic Law, Kuwait University
Chairman Ethics Council

Dr. Ismail Halitoğlu
Doctor of Islamic Law, Marmara University, Istanbul
AAOIFI-certified, Bahrain

Ali Öztürk
Degree in Islamic Law, Marmara University, Istanbul