Together Through Ramadan 2024

Discover inspiring content, activities for children, and more, to experience this holy month together.

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan, a central pillar of Islam, marks the month during which Muslims around the world fast to strengthen their spiritual discipline, seek closeness to God, and develop empathy for the needy. This month offers a unique opportunity to reflect on the principles of patience, humility, and community—values that are also at the heart of KT Bank’s philosophy.

This month offers a unique opportunity to reflect on the principles of patience, humility, and community, values that are also central to the philosophy of KT Bank.

Charity in Ramadan

In Ramadan, the idea of charity is especially emphasized. It is a time when we not only strengthen our spiritual connection but also take practical action to support those in need. KT Bank actively promotes and supports projects and initiatives aimed at providing help and hope to needy communities.

Donations for the Needy

As a Sharia-compliant bank, KT Bank highlights the importance of Zakat and Sadaqah, especially during Ramadan. We encourage:

  • Targeted cash donations to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  • Larger single donations to achieve a sustainable impact.
  • Regular contributions to enable continuous support.
  • Purpose-specific donations to address specific projects or needs.
  • Being informed to ensure your donations reach where they are most needed.

30 Days of Ramadan: A Guide

During these holy days, we invite you to join us on a journey of reflection, prayer, and community. KT Bank offers daily inspirations, thoughts, and practical tips to fill this Ramadan with meaning and purpose.

For the Children

Children are the heart of our community. In our branches, we offer special Ramadan calendars to count the days until Eid, as well as coloring pages available for download on our website to bring the culture and significance of Ramadan closer to the little ones.

Coloring Book 1
Coloring Book 2
Coloring Book 3
Coloring Book 4
Simplicity in Focus
Plant-based Enrichment
Water as a Precious Gift
Regional and Seasonal
Halal and Tayyib
Reuse and Packaging Avoidance

Sustainability and environmental protection are central concerns of KT Bank, including during Ramadan. We are committed to:

  • Responsible consumption and the avoidance of waste.
  • Waste separation and recycling to protect our planet.
  • Social engagement and sustainability projects that strengthen our communities and have a positive impact on the world.