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KT Jetzz Card

Instalment payments are now child’s play!

0% instalment financing for all Turkish Airlines flights.

Fly now, pay later. The automated instalment card Jetzz Card allows you to pay all Turkish Airlines flights booked online in 6 convenient monthly instalments – with 0% financing and no extra costs.
You can purchase your ticket at www.turkishairlines.com or via the Turkish Airlines App, pay with the Jetzz Card and pay the ticket price automatically in 6 monthly instalments at 0%.

No hidden costs or extra charges.

The Jetzz Card offers you more financial freedom during your trip. Book now, pay in instalments. Easy, convenient and without extra charges or hidden costs. The 0 % instalment financing is valid for all Turkish Airlines flight bookings up to December 31, 2021, including departure dates in 2022.

Smarter payment for your everyday shopping.

Aside from utilizing the Jetzz Card for Turkish Airlines flight bookings, you can also use the automated instalment function for your everyday purchases. You need a new household appliance, new furniture or book a hotel? With the Jetzz Card you can now pay all of your purchases from € 10 upwards – in stores or online – in monthly instalments. No more repeated, time-consuming loan applications in respective retail stores, you profit from top conditions instead. On top of that: Your individual credit limit can be simultaneously accessed with a partner card.

The advantages of the KT Jetzz Card:

  • Instalment payments of purchases from € 10 upwards
  • Top conditions
  • From 3 to 24 monthly installments available
  • Credit limit of up to € 25,000
  • No annual fee

Full flexibility at top conditions

Create financial freedom according to your individual needs. You have the choice between 1, 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 or 24 monthly installments. You can also use the Jetzz Card as a “normal” credit card. You simply pay back your purchases within one month – without any further costs.  
Number of monthly instalments  Profit markup*
1 0 %
3 1,50 %*
6 2,64 %*
9 3,78 %*
12 4,94 %*
18 7,27 %*
24 9,63 %*

This is how the Jetzz Card works:

  • You purchase the desired retail goods or services in a store or online.
  • You pay with your Jetzz Card at the cash desk as per usual.
  • Directly after the purchase, you are informed via SMS about the details concerning the respective transaction, card revenue and instalment payment.

Easy application, smart shopping.

The Jetzz Card online application can be processed quickly and easily within a few minutes via your smartphone or PC. Please click here.
* Equals an annual profit rate of 8.99 % and an effective annual profit rate of 9.37 %.
¹ The 0% financing is valid for all Turkish Airlines flights booked on www.turkishairlines.com or via the Turkish Airlines App until 31.12.2021. Also valid for flights in 2022 if booked by 31.12.2020.
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